At the end of the first season of events at The Hostry last year, Stash was approached by a firm of solicitors who showed interested in potentially supporting any further work he may be planning. A meeting was held with all interested parties in early 2011, and the result of which was one of Norfolk’s oldest established law firms, Fosters Solicitors Ltd joining forces as PBSK’s major sponsors. This meant that the plans Stash had been working on could now be a reality, namely the creation of a whole week’s worth of events, all coming in under the name of The Norwich Cathedral Hostry Festival 2011. Stash’s vision for the expansion of ideas could now take place annually. A new annual festival for the arts for Norfolk has been secured, with Helen Mc Dermott being one of the first official patrons to lend her support.

Details of the Hostry Festival 2011 included a classic American play; a concert celebrating 3 high profile songwriters; a specially commissioned radio play to be performed live on stage with sound effects being done in front of the audience; the staging of a passion play, with Q&A with the author, plus a panel of experts; and the festival will be opened by the newly formed inclusive theatre company Total Ensemble.  Vist the Hostry Festival website for more informaiton.