In 2003 Stash devised a documentary outline/proposal, in order to profile
DAN CRAWFORD, a director he had worked with many times over a period of ten years at The Kings Head Theatre Islington, London. No one had celebrated this man on film in any great measure, and so together with huge encouragement from Ann Pinnington and Dan’s wife Stephanie Crawford they set about making it happen. As Executive producer on the project Ann raised the first £5,000, and after Alan Rickman had agreed to be interviewed for the feature, the entire population of actors/directors/producers/critics/designers from all over the UK came to tell their story of how Dan Crawford had influenced their lives. It turned out Stash had stumbled on something that was to take the next two years to complete! More finance was needed! Stash started more fundraising by visiting local businesses in the area, and after a 2 hour meeting in a café in Islington, he came away with a further £17,000 from the proprietor. It turned out he too had admired Dan’s work and wanted to support. Stephanie then returned to the enormously generous restaurant owners when a further £20,000 was needed to complete the project.

Together with STEPHANIE CRAWFORD (Director) and co Director JASON FIGGIS, they filmed a profile and homage to a man who had single-handedly brought Fringe Theatre back to England in the early 1970’s, not seen since Shakespeare’s time.
A MAVERICK IN LONDON was completed just days before Dan passed away in hospital, with Stash taking the final copy to his bedside for final approval.
It had been a labour of love from a team of amazingly committed people, all of whom knew they were a part of something very special. The documentary was shown on SKY TV many times over, and is still available on DVD at the Royal National Theatre bookshop, South Bank, London.
The DVD can be viewed here (but not to download). The design of the 12 page booklet can also be viewed. The booklet was “a must” for Stash, as was the making of a DVD of the film, in order to ensure maximum evidence of what it had all been about after the film had been aired.


The DVD of “A Maverick In London” was devised, assembled, designed and produced by Stash Kirkbride, with the layout being realised by (name from DVD box) Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding dress designer. Stash arranged for The DVDs to be sold at The National Theatre Bookshop, Southbank, and French’s Theatre Bookshop just after the screening of the documentary went out on SKY Television.
Not available to copy or purchase at this website. Viewing only.

A Maverick in London – Part 1

A Maverick in London – Part 2

A Maverick in London – Part 3

A Maverick in London – Part 4


DVD Booklet

Apart from the above, Stash has also initiated over 10 productions on the London Fringe, off West End, at venues such as The Kings Head Islington, and Battersea Arts Centre (BAC). He has raised over £300,000 in sponsorship money for his projects; set up and run two theatre companies in London, gaining Hugh Grant, Susan Hampshire and Susannah York as patrons. He also set up a Voice Over Department for a leading agency on London prior to his move back to Norfolk, directing and producing over 50 voice-over show reels, as well as casting the line up of artists who were to be represented by the company.
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