studio microphone

Vocal style: RP. Warm/intimate/commanding/informed

Voice Over Credit Highlights
“A Maverick in London” voice over and interviewer for a feature length documentary for SKY TV.
“Chronicles Of Narnia” Captain Rishda Tarkarrn. Radio Drama for USA market.
“Hamlet” Title role, plus directing/producing for Future Radio 107.8FM.
Numerous adverts for radio, various Drama/Documentary/cartoon projects (listen to examples below)

Stash has been working as a professional voice over artist throughout his career spanning over 25 years, gaining contracts for radio adverts, TV documentaries and radio drama. He has a warm vocal tone which is well suited for the intimate world of studio work. His most challenging job to date has been recording over a weeks worth of script, in 8 hour day sessions for a computerised voice engine. His most enjoyable contract was with Focus On The Family Company, for their radio production of The Chronicles Of Narnia, for the USA market (cast included David Suchet, Paul Scofield, Andrew Sachs and Victor Spinetti). Stash played the lead role of Captain Rishda Tarkarnn as well as a mouse and an elf! The production was produced by Philip Glassborow who Stash has worked with on a number of other radio productions since.

Stash has devised and co produced a TV documentary for SKY TV, A Maverick In London, profiling the late Dan Crawford and The Kings Head Theatre in Islington, London. He recorded the voice over for the project as well as interviewing over 50 of the UK’s leading actors, comedians, directors, producers, critics and designers, all of whom came to tell their story of their time at The Kings Head. Stash worked closely with Dan’s wife Stephanie Crawford (Director/Producer) and Ann Pinnington (Executive Producer) to make it all happen. Together they have made sure the legacy of Dan’s life and works has been secured on film for generations to come. The DVD of A Maverick In London is available at The National Theatre Bookshop.

Recently Stash produced and directed a radio production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet,
also playing the title role, with a cast of actors from theatre’s across Norfolk.

Stash continues to record voice over work, can be contacted via this website.

Some highlights of Stash’s Voice Over work:

Voice over adverts

Documentary and Narration

The Chronicles of Narnia

101 Dalmations Cartoon Voice Over