The Zero Airwaves derives from a series of cassette recordings Stash made on regular occasions from the age of 6 onwards, a kind of make believe home made radio station where he’d interview all kinds of people, and if all kinds of people weren’t available he’d interview himself!

Now for the first time The Mix Up Show & The Zero Airwaves take to the air, via this website, with the aim being to profile people of interest from Norfolk and beyond. The famous, the infamous, and the outrageous!

Stash has a real passion for interviewing and story telling, and he kicks off with an hour and a half “on location” interview profiling “Deano” one of Norfolk’s genuine, unique and original personalities.

When Deano recently went on national radio station Talk Sport for a five minute chat, he ended up chatting for over an hour. He was invited on again on a number of occasions afterwards, with feedback coming from all over the country and as far away as Australia! Calls for him to be Prime Minister, to have his own radio show and comparisons to Russell Brand were made again and again.

Tune in now to hear Stash and Deano “In Conversation” at his caravan home on the Norfolk Coast. The Interview begins with Stash and guest Howard Jago arriving at the location in “The Mix Up Mobile”!

Watch this space for info on an interview event with Stash and Deano at a leading venue in Norfolk entitled “The Deano Show Live On Stage”

Click play to listen to “The Deano Show” on location:

The Deano show

Please note: This report contains one sentence of strong language.

Coming soon: The Deano Show “An over night adventure” A two hour audio documentary of life after dark by candlelight, and the magic of sunrise on the beeches of Norfolk with Deano and family.

“The Zero Airwaves” & “The Mix Up Show” are part of the intellectual copyright of Stash Kirkbride
all audio: Copyright Stash Kirkbride 2011