We Are The Choices We Make

With over 35 years of making choices as a project initiator and developer, Stash has literally dozens of examples of making choices that have shaped the course of events in his and others lives.

The choices we make in material objects and personal telegraphing continues to fascinate Stash, and he now offers this consultant service for those interested in sharing their journey of aspiration and discovery with him.

From clothes shopping and personal image, to purchasing a car, a house, a boat, visual arts, international property, interior and exterior design, all these areas Stash has a passion and instinct for. He enjoys helping others to make choices they may not have made before, and his practical experience in research and negotiations will ensure you get the best possible results. Your Personal Acquisitions Companion.

To find out more, and to arrange a meeting contact Stash. E: 

Initial consultation fee: £225 This includes a confidential 3 hour meeting in which your personal tastes so far, as well as those you hadn’t perhaps thought of will be discussed in detail. What was once black and white, may soon be seen in full colour, perhaps even for the first time. 

Here’s to possibility, and to the joy of Blue Sky Above The Clouds thinking together.  

Acquisitions Clients Quotes: 

“For years I had been driving around in a sensible, reliable car. I had hoped to find a life partner, but it had all eluded me. I took the advice from Stash to buy a classic BMW coupe in dark blue, for just £5,000. Within a year, he had helped me find a house I didn’t think I could afford. I asked my father for a bridging loan of £80,000, something I thought he’d never agree to. He did! I moved into the house, and within a year my life partner had arrived. We now have two children and the house is worth 4 times the amount it was when we purchased it. I was perceived differently, and with it came my family” 

Charted Accountant, Norfolk

What we focus on happens 

“Stash has helped me to think outside the box in so many areas of my life. The way I dress now for example means I can sense people’s heads turn when I walk into a room, and I enjoy that feeling, a lot. I am far more confident, thanks to the simple and very effective choices made with Stash when out shopping together”  

Journalist & Broadcaster, London, SW1

“Stash helped me find a terrace house for £102,000 It looked all but derelict. The garden had been left to ruin. The whole interior shocking; but, the location was prime. Stash negotiated with the estate agents, found the solicitors, project managed the whole refurbishment, with a budget of £35,000. I lived in my new house very happily for 7 years then sold it for £227,000. I now live in the second house he has helped me purchase and modernise, and within two years its value has grown from £237,000 to £310,000. His personal touch and his attention to detail is second to none.”  

Norfolk business executive

“I live in LA, and made contact with Stash via his website. He helped me find my dream holiday home in the UK. His handling of the whole adventure was so positive and joyful. Our family now takes annual visits to the Norfolk broads, where our classic Broads Cruiser awaits us for idyllic day trips. My Mother adores it all with us, and I so recommend engaging with this extraordinarily gifted man. Someone I now count as a close friend”

Film Script Writer, Los Angeles, USA

We are made up of the people and acquisitions we allow into our lives 

“I was about to trade in my car with an up-grade of the same model for £27,000. I then met with Stash, and together we found a car for £16,000. which he managed to negotiate down to £14,200. A stunning Mercedes SLK 200. It’s quite literally changed my life! I simply wouldn’t have thought of having such fun before. His knowledge about cars and ability to get people to agree to things with your best interests at heart is so worth it. His fee for securing such a fine Acquisition represents such good value too”

Trustee of a Norfolk Charity

“I met with Stash and within 2 Creative Coffee meetings I had a new business card and website underway, with excellent people to design and run it. New clients began to contact me, and importantly I felt ready to move up a gear. Fast forward 3 years… I now have a track record as a self-employed person. I fully get what I have to offer, and others do too. He has a depth of experience that enables artists to find the simple language that explains just who they are. Stash worked on a Press Release with me, and I now have a regular spot on BBC local radio, and a monthly column in the local press, with clients a plenty. He’s a practitioner for practitioners.”

Lifestyle Coach and visual artist, Suffolk

“I arrived in England in 2018 as a Swiss national. I was introduced to Stash and quickly discovered he had taught English as a foreign language to advanced students in London prior to his return to Norfolk. We arranged one2one lessons, where he and I talked and talked in Received Pronunciation (RP). Highly recommended to anyone wanting to expand their vocabulary and command of the English Language. Plus, I now have a brand new wardrobe thanks to his innate eye for what looks best on me”

Environmental Scientist at the John Innes Institute, University of East Anglia

We are the choices we make… let’s choose well together


  1. Clients’ names and details are treated with the strictest of confidence at all times.
  2. Any advice given is without prejudice, and does not constitute an agreement or guarantee of actions taken or items purchased.
  3. All financial transactions for items sourced are carried out directly by the client and not the provider of this service.
  4. Fees of engagement vary according to the acquisition, and time spent working together. (details agreed at initial meeting).