Producer/Director Biography

2010–ongoing: Artistic Director, Co-founder, producer of THE HOSTRY FESTIVAL
2020: Co-Founder/Producer of the ARICAN CHOIR OF NORFOLK, lead by ANNA MUDEKA 
2019: Directed & Co-produced THE GRADUATE, Central Production for The Hostry Festival
2018: Co Produced BOY IN THE LIGHTHOUSE, Central Production for the Hostry Festival
2017: Artistic Director for north Norfolk’s HOLT FESTIVAL’S 10th Anniversary 2018 
2017: Director, Co-producer of THE EAGLE HAS TWO HEADS, for The Hostry Festival
2014–2016: Co-Creative Director of THE MADDERMARKET THEATRE. Re-launch & development, plus Directed and Produced The Ghost Train, Murder on the Nile, Star Spangled Girl, and The Vortex
2016: Directed & Produced KING LEAR IN NEW YORK, Central Production for The Hostry Festival
2013–2015: Artistic Director, programming & commissioning for The Hostry Festival
2015: Commissioned PAINT OUT NORWICH, Founder JAMES COLMAN
2012: Directed/produced & Co-wrote HAMLET THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, The Hostry Festival
2012: Co-founded, Produced THE NORFOLK ARTS AWARDS, celebrating arts & culture in Norfolk
2011: Directed & Co-produced THE RAINMAKER, Central Production for the Hostry Festival
2010: Directed & Co-produced NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, Central Production for The Hostry Festival
2010: Co-founded THE PBSK PARTNERSHIP with Executive Producer PETER BARROW
2007–2010: Produced, Developed, Presented PLATFORM, Future Radio’s flagship arts programme, including Directing/Producing a full audio production of Shakespeare’s HAMLET, plus a live stage version of the arts programme PLATFORM UNPLUGGED at Norwich Playhouse (see Radio section)
2004–2006: Initiated & Co produced A MAVERICK IN LONDON feature length documentary for SKY TV
2005: Produced & Directed 35 Voice Over CD productions for Artists Showreels, at Campbell Voices
2002: Co-produced/acted in THE ARK & THE COVENANT, BAC Arts Centre, Main Stage, London
1997: Co-produced and acted in CANDIDA at The New End, Hamstead, London 
1996: Co-produced and acted in RING ROUND THE MOON, Kings Head Theatre, Islington, London
1995: Co-produced and acted in BEETHOVEN’S TENTH, Tristan Bates Theatre, London
1995: Produced & sung in A SWINGING AFFAIR, Kings Head Theatre, Islington, London
1994: Co-produced THE STAR SPANGLED GIRL, The Grace Theatre, Battersea, London
1993: Co-produced THE EAGLE HAS TWO HEADS, Saddler Wells Theatre, Islington, London
1993: Set up Mytton Crest Theatre Company with patrons Susannah York, Hugh Grant, and Susan Hampshire
1992: Produced, devised, performed in THE GRADUATE, Man In The Moon Theatre, Kings Rd, London
1985–2020: Co-Produced over 30 original song compositions in 8 to 24 track recording studios in London & Norfolk. (see COMPOSITIONS section on this site)

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